Successful Companies Differentiate their Service

Successful companies try to find ways to differentiate their products or their service from those of their competitors.  Really successful companies actually accomplish that, and they become elevated in the minds of their clients.  In the Condominium Property management business, that has been a...
Manager of the Year

Lyndsey McNally, RCM is Manager of the Year

Today, December 8, 2017 Malvern's Lyndsey McNally, RCM was presented with the Manager of the Year award from the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario. This premier award is presented each year to a Registered Condominium Manager who has demonstrated and extraordinary commitment and...

Landmark III of Thornhill is Condo of the Year!

Malvern Condominium Property is proud of our association with all our condominium clients but in particular, we are very proud to have the privilege to manage York Region Condominium Corporation No. 798 also known as "Landmark III of Thornhill". Landmark III is the 2016-2017 of Condo of the Year...

CCI-Toronto AGM

The team at Malvern would like to extend our thanks to CCI-Toronto for recognizing our sponsorship at their AGM earlier this week.  We are proud to support such a professional organization focused on bettering the condominium community.
Ambassador Award

CCI Ambassador Award

Malvern Condominium Property Management was awarded with an Ambassador Recognition Award from the Canadian Condominium Institute at Wednesday night's Annual General Meeting.  This award is in recognition of our support and promotion of CCI. We are proud to support this association and look...